Senior Mortgage Banker



Nancy Putman

Started career as a General Contractor-building semi-custom and custom homes for 20 years

Had my own real estate office for several years

After I learned about HECM’s;  I  have concentrated in them (commonly known as Reverse Mortgages) for the last 10 years

Has saved MANY homes from foreclosure and/or tax sale for seniors

Has mortgage license in Illinois and Indiana-but can originate loans in all 50 states

Have raised 4 kids; 1 Daughter and 3 sons:

Jenna- 32 years old-Clinical Coordinator of Counseling Dept at Governors State University

Justin-28 years old, Electrical Engineer, lives in Michigan, getting married in September in Colorado

Jason-24 years old- runs Putman Builders Inc, getting married in November

Joe-22 years old-finishing his Mechanical Engineering Degree at Grand Valley State University

Have a German Shepard, our 5 year old ‘baby’

Don’t currently have any hobbies but interested in the ‘spirit’ world due to personal experiences I’ve had, in addition to my faith (attend Parkview Christian Church)

I love helping people, love to make people laugh or at least smile and I love educating people on this ‘diamond in the rough’ called Reverse Mortgage

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